Domain Purchasing, Hosting, Renewals, And You.

As a consultant working on the web-design and hosting I’m often asked a few simple questions. Chief among those is, “Where should I purchase my domain(s)?” Usually followed by the question, “Where should I get my hosting?” The answer is simple enough but must be answered in reverse order. First, wherever you find the best…

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SSL Certificates, A quick-and-dirty guide to one of the most important upgrades to your website.

SSL, Encryption, that little padlock in the browser’s URL field. What’s that all about? A question I’ve received a few times this year is, “Do I need an SSL certificate for my website?” Its nearly a loaded question, and let me explain why. Firstly everybody SHOULD have an SSL certificate, even if you’re not selling…

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Okay, So what is this email from Google Analytics?

You probably received an email in the past few days from Google regarding GDPR. GDPR is a new data protection law that is coming into effect May 25th. The email says that Google is, or has, shared a load of information regarding GDPR and how it is going into full compliance mode. What that means…

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Its that time of year. The leaves are changing, kids are back in school. The air is getting colder. So, what’s your computer’s backup looking like? No, seriously. Apple and other companies have introduced the concept of a lights-out backup solution so you set it and forget it. The problem is we’ve all forgotten our…

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Make your Desktop squeaky clean!

In today’s informational post I will show you how to hide icons on your Mac desktop. Not to worry, my PC Using friends, I will write up a quick how-to on the PC side at a later date!   This post has been updated! Please scroll to the bottom if you have difficulties with this action…

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Heartbleed? Get a bandage!

What is Heartbleed? The Webcomic Artist behind XKCD Randall Munroe put it best. Click Here To Read If you were a bad guy, or what is often referred to as a ‘Black hat’ then you might want to collect some information. Now, before the pitchforks come out and everybody stomps after their neighborhood computer nerd.…

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Image credit: carmendorin / 123RF Stock Photo


Sometimes it can be a simple ‘harmless’ bit of spying, but sometimes its much worse. It comes from anywhere, just like a common cold, and it can strike at any time.

From the desk of the nerd

Now that we are entering into the Holiday season I think that its a time to reflect on whats most important… Toys! No, not really. But its amazing just how many advertisements you will see in just a single day. Even if you’ve been one of the many to ‘cut the cord’ and get rid…

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Mavericks is here!

On Tuesday the 22nd of October Apple Inc. released a bombshell of an announcement on the computing world. Their next version of the Mac OS, Mavericks, would be released that day, for free.

When did you last backup your files?

  I read the news today, Oh BOY! It seems the internet is full of people that don’t want to do anything but harm. Don’t let it get you down though. I can help cut through the fog and keep things running smoothly and safely. Cyber-threats are becoming more and more serious by the day. Viruses…

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